Friday Weekly Tech Recap 1/13

I’m fascinated by lots of things, including new and cool technologies, advances in scientific research, and fun interactive experiences. I regularly tweet about stories that I find interesting. On Fridays I compile here the ones that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

Nissan is using Mars Rover tech from NASA to control autonomous car fleets:

MIT’s 3D graphene is 10 times stronger than steel and only 5% as dense:

Next iPhone could be made of glass like Tony Starks? Where will they go for the design?

The US military tested dropping from a jet 100+ autonomous Perdix drones that swarm like a ‘collective organism’:

Will AI ‘friends’ help you pass the time on autonomous drives?

Too late for CES, Vegas is testing Navya autonomous shuttles this week:

D-Wave has open-sourced their work in the nascent but promising field of quantum computers:

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar & LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman are backing research into ethical AI:

GPUs do machine learning better than CPUs, so Nvidia & AMD may leave Intel behind in the AI future:

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