Agent Carter


Marvel and director Louis D’Esposito approached Perception to create the main-on-end title sequence for their new Marvel One Shot, Agent Carter. They already had a great concept in mind which was conceived by VFX Supervisor Sheena Duggal who collaborated very closely with the Perception team throughout the project.





Marvel’s initial brief was to retell the story of Agent Carter in 90 seconds. Sheena Duggal had a vision for the sequence, so Perception began by creating a series of style-frames to bring it to life. She provided some great inspiration from that specific time period, along with set imagery from the actual short. These style frames were specifically for look, mood, and texture. While they do show particular moments, they were not intended as storyboards.



The team jumped into creating new style frames and storyboards to map out the entire sequence. Rough storyboards were quickly sketched to show the beats needed to hit in order to build the flow of the sequence.



Based on specific feedback, Perception created more detailed boards showing not only the specific beats, but also the color, tones, texture and overall mood. The team started to animate small sections to get a feel for what the motion and transitions would start looking like.



Once the boards were approved, a rough animatic was created using the existing frames and basic animations as a base layer with the music track. This was tricky since the same amount of time was needed for each person’s title while still keeping the flow of the piece interesting.


The biggest challenge throughout the entire process was creating the stylized silhouettes for Peggy Carter. She needed poses that were tough, heroic, and sexy while still remaining graphic and stylized. Several different iterations were designed before settling on the final look.


Perception explored several different ways of animating Peggy Carter. They experimented with more traditional frame by frame animation and rotomation before deciding on a combination of the two. It was a fantastic collaboration with Sheena Duggal and the Marvel team to create the final look and finding clever and unexpected transitions between the different scenes.


Several shots simply couldn’t be achieved within Perception’s standards without going into 3D. The challenge here was not only to create 3D shots that looked flat but to also match the frames as closely as possible. The end result is a mix of 2D and 3D seamlessly blended together to create the final look.


“These are the best titles Marvel has ever done!” – Louis D’Esposito

After a few intense weeks of hard work and late nights (and monster energy drinks), Perception created a title sequence that is worthy of Agent Carter herself. The entire team was absolutely thrilled to partner with Marvel once again for this project and the final product is something that they are incredibly proud to show off. The creative partnership Perception has with Marvel is truly appreciated. They are a great group to work with and any opportunity to do more with them in the future is something to look forward to!

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