The Story

In late 2001, founders Jeremy Lasky and Danny Gonzalez opened the doors of Perception. Early on, Perception pioneered a new era of motion graphics, becoming one of the first studios to blaze the trail of high end visual effects all created on the desktop.

After 8 successful years working closely with broadcast networks and ad agencies, a major feature film project provided a significant turning point. In early 2009, newly independent Marvel Studios reached out to Perception for a small design element to be used in Iron Man 2. This quickly snowballed into a collaboration spanning over 125 shots including the design of Tony Stark’s digital brand and gadgetry throughout the movie, setting the tone for all future Marvel films.

Today, Perception focuses on 2 parallel and symbiotic paths: futuristic UI and HUD design for both feature films and global technology brands. These collaborations have fueled human interactions and shaped the future of possibilities in the digital ecosphere. Perception’s expertise in making the user experiences in films authentic and believable has grabbed the attention of prominent design leaders who seek out this highly specialized vision to break new boundaries of user experiences for emerging product categories.

Innovators such as Samsung, Microsoft, Visa, Mercedes Benz, and SpaceX are inspired by our level of vision, sophistication and thought from our unique cinematic perspective. Perception conceptualizes new and unexpected ways of integrating clients core brand attributes into the most cutting edge UI designs. They are constantly challenged to solve the problems that no one else can, doing the impossible. Leveraging clients specific expertise, Perception partners to break new creative ground and discover the next realm of innovation


The Perception team has amassed an abundance of knowledge stemming from their years at RGA where they worked on hundreds of films, commercial and interactive projects. Over the last 13+ years, their close collaborations with Fortune 500 companies and visionary filmmakers have uncovered new opportunities for innovation and inspiration.

Perception’s team is composed of the greatest design storytellers and technology gurus. The entire team has extensive experience in the consumer electronics, automotive, gaming, aerospace, financial and medical fields.

The Creative lead guides the entire futuristic vision for projects, fusing the specialties of film storytelling with the complex considerations of real world UX. The Design team further crafts the conceptual development through an iterative process of intricate renders and dynamic motion studies. The UX team provides strategy and insight to achieve the goal of creating a simple yet powerful experience to the end user. Perception’s Project Management team guides clients step by step through the complete process, ensuring that all expectations are exceeded and their experience with Perception is second to none.


The Perception process is both iterative and organic, allowing the team to experiment, prototype, fail fast, and ultimately uncover the solution to any creative challenge. From face to face kick offs all the way through final delivery, the two teams merge into one collaborative unit. Important to our process is a close alliance between Perception and their clients, which leads to a truly memorable and unforgettable experience. Sensitivity to these futuristic applications does not allow us to showcase our work to the public. Please contact us for a deeper dive into this universe.


Perception focuses on 2 parallel and symbiotic paths: futuristic UI and HUD design for both feature films and global technology brands. The team’s highly specialized cinematic vision breaks new boundaries of UX for the most innovative technology brands in the world across all product categories. Learn More



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