Welcome to Perception

Perception is an Emmy nominated design lab pioneering the visionary process of Science Fiction Thinking to architect the future for cinema and global technology brands.

Our Collaborators


"Simply put, Perception not only nailed the experience we were looking for, but they also helped bringing in some of creative practices that played an important role inspiring the team."

Kevin Lee
VP, Global Head of Design


"The Perception team do an amazing job of bringing future interfaces to life. They have an uncanny ability to bring beautiful and cinematic approaches to your storytelling and product experiences. Staffed with some of the best motion talent in the industry, your imagination is your only limitation when working with Perception."

Dennis Miloseki
Head of Studio, Samsung Design America,


"Perception are amazing long time partners and we are blessed to have them on board for this last Guardians of the Galaxy movie!"

Stephane Ceretti
Visual Effects Supervisor
Marvel Studios


"When James Bond requires a laser pen and an Aston Martin with machine guns tucked behind the grille to fight megalomaniacs in their volcano lairs, he drops by Q's laboratory at MI6 headquarters. And when Tony Stark wants to boot up the latest in futuristic computing technology before slipping into his iron man suit to defend the world from an alien horde, he calls Perception."

Wayne Greenwood
Director of Design


"We worked with Perception, a Sci Fi thinking design agency best known for their creative work within the Marvel universe to help create an exciting and theatrical cabin experience."

Scott Martin
Creative Director, User Experience
General Motors


"Your creativity helped explore and express the intangible highlights that live between the physical and virtual world, sculpting and iterating until everything was just right. Your hard work has sparked excitement and curiosity, guiding our characters across land and sea with the power of integrated Vibranium technology."

Marvel Studios
For Perception's work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever