Our team has worked together with General Motors for several years, establishing a strong collaboration on the future of digital experience. In 2019, we hit a new stride when GMC's Design Team introduced us to the top secret Supertruck, the GMC Hummer EV. The team at General Motors was very ambitious in their approach, leveraging our capabilities in cinematic design and their innovative approach to UX.

Hummer EV Final Montage


Instrument Cluster – The Heart of the Vehicle

The instrument cluster is the heart of the experience in the GMC Hummer EV — providing the driver with glanceable data and key metrics related to the vehicle's capabilities and EV-specific attributes.

The design combines a lunar backdrop (inspired by GMC’s influence on the space program in the 1960’s) with a tactical layout that emphasizes clarity over decoration.

To arrive at this concept, our team explored a wide range of visual concepts.



To optimize usability in varying light conditions (especially considering the vehicle's transparent Infinity Roof) the Instrument Cluster will automatically transition from a dark to light layout dependent on conditions. The actual transition itself is a dramatic and exciting moment— the backdrop responds to a change in lighting conditions as shadows sweep across the lunar terrain.



The GMC Hummer EV includes an Off-Road App, which provides access to a wide range of instruments and visualizations. We worked closely with GMC's User Experience lead to ensure each element was designed to encourage the full use of the Hummer EV's incredible capabilities.

We designed a wide range of instrumentation to capitalize on the Hummer EV’s off-road capabilities.

The Pitch & Roll widget leverages a real-time gyroscopic component, made possible by the GMC Hummer EV’s processing power and Unreal Engine.

Pitch & Roll Widget



Throughout the Hummer EV Digital Experience, there are several key interactions that celebrate dramatic moments within the vehicle. From statements of incredible performance, to capabilities never before seen in an automobile, these moments leverage our cinematic capabilities to capture the spirit of the incredible GMC Hummer EV.


Changing modes takes the Hummer EV to wildly different environments.

Hummer EV Mode Change Animation

Hummer EV Crabwalk Animation


Once triggered, the CrabWalk feature allows the vehicle to move diagonally with all four wheels steering in the same direction.


Once initiated, Watts to Freedom begins a sequence of actions that enable an extraordinarily high speed launch.

Hummer EV Watts to Freedom Animation

Welcome Sequence

As you enter the vehicle, you are introduced to the lunar topography that grounds the entire experience with an epic solar event.



Working on a vehicle as revoluntionary as the Hummer EV allowed our team to forge new ground in our approach, but designing the human-machine-interface was far from an exercise in aesthetics. Every decision was motivated by our obsession with each pixel having purpose. We worked closely with the team at GMC to ensure that every single on-screen element was tailored to maximize legibility, clarity and contrast. This way the driver's cognitive load can be focused on the adventure outside the vehicle, never hunting for data within the displays.

We developed a custom typeface, specifically for use on the Hummer EV. This typeface was carefully designed to reflect the angularity of the vehicle, as well as the future-forward approach to this amazing EV. This typeface was carefully designed over several months, and ultimately optimized by GMC for implementation throughout the vehicle.



GMC HUMMER EV Product Features And Details

With the announcement of the GMC HUMMER EV, the team at General Motors invited our team to be part of the GMC HUMMER EV Product Features and Details showcase video. This video takes a deep dive into our contributions and design process of the user interface and user experience of the vehicle.



We were honored to contribute to a vehicle that is not only exciting and iconic, but is also General Motor's flagship vehicle for the transition to Electric Vehicles. The work seen here is a result of a strong collaboration facilitated by the GMC Design Team and several other groups within General Motors, GMC, and the Hummer EV Program team. We look forward to working closely with GMC to develop incredible experiences for some the most exciting vehicles on earth.