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Mar 28
Soul & the Digital Instrument Cluster
Car’s dashboards are more advanced than ever, but can they still be special?
Mar 25
Friday Weekly Tech Recap 3/25
I'm fascinated by lots of things, and on Fridays I compile here my most resonant tweets from the previous week.
Mar 23
Case Study: IBM Design Thinking
Take a look into the process of our most recent collaboration with IBM through our Design Thinking Case Study.
Mar 22
Batman UI at Press Junket
Warner Brothers had a Batman v. Superman press junket showcasing some pretty sweet Bat UI! We love all of the attention the graphics for BvS are already receiving. Can't wait to see more of our stuff on the big screen this Friday! Stay tuned.
Mar 21
As the architects of user experiences, we need to develop new design strategies now to adapt to these emerging virtual platforms, and try to stay ahead of this impending technological revolution.
Mar 18
Batman v. Superman Tickets Are In!
We picked up our Batman v. Superman tickets for next Friday, March 25th! We are pretty excited to see our work on the big screens again!
Mar 18
Friday Weekly Tech Recap
I'm fascinated by lots of things, like new and cool technologies, advances in scientific research and fun interactive experiences, and on Fridays I compile here my most resonant tweets from the previous week.
Mar 14
Design to Development: A Few Principles
Perception employs certain principles and practices to help ensure a smooth transition from Design to Development.
Mar 11
Team Building Exercise: Trailers!
The staff at Perception is a tight knit group, so it's no wonder we celebrate birthdays with ice cream and binge watching Marvel's most recent Captain America: Civil War trailer! We can't wait to see the film, in theatres this May!
Mar 8
“Every science fiction movie I have ever seen, any one that's worth its weight in celluloid, warns us about things that ultimately come true.”—Steven SpielbergAs if building the perfect home with the right materials wasn’t hard enough, now...


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