The team at Perception designed a cinematic video showcasing the capabilities and possibilities of the Maxon One toolset. The video premiered alongside the Maxon One product announcements that took place online on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.

Perception is a visual effects and design lab that focuses on crafting futuristic user interfaces, motion graphics and technological paradigms for both film and real-world automotive, cybersecurity, aerospace and technology companies.


“We have been partnering with Maxon for over a decade, most notably with our comprehensive video series, The Perception Guide to FUI for Cineversity, Maxon’s extensive tutorial and resource website,” said Eric Daly, Director of Production at Perception. “When Maxon asked us to design this promotional video for Maxon One, we were absolutely on board. The Maxon team was eager to see the unique, Perception touch that we would add to it, inspired by all the futuristic technology work for which we have become well known.”

Led by Perception Art Director, Ryan Close, and Creative Director, Greg Herman, the showcase video highlights the different applications included in the Maxon One bundle. The video begins with an alien head being sculpted using ZBrush, created in collaboration with ZBrush instructor, Ian Robinson.


“ZBrush is such an amazing tool for artist creation,” stated Close. “We conceptualized many different helmets in ZBrush and were able to quickly visualize them using the Maxon One suite in combination with Cinema 4D and Redshift.”

The video then progresses through a series of different interfaces and platforms that are used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Maxon One toolset being applied to the sculpted alien and a science-fiction style helmet and HUD.

“Throughout this video, our alien character eventually gains sentience and comes to life,” said Herman. “As we zoom in on the alien’s face to texture his eye, we see his eye begin to move and look around. It was a secondary story we wanted to tell. Not only was our video showing all of the different features of the Maxon One suite, but it emphasizes how using these incredible Maxon One products can literally bring your creative visions to life.”


Because each program included in the Maxon One bundle promotes and aids the user in designing every intricate detail of their artwork, Perception ensured that all facets of the showcase video aligned with this mission, both visually and audibly.

“The sound design was critical to this video,” stated Herman. “There’s a sound for everything in the piece. When something moves, shifts or is operated, there’s a sound to match it. It all comes back to the idea that Maxon One brings your work to life. These sounds and interactions add extra layers of life, dimension and energy that is a nod to Maxon One’s capabilities.”


Perception has been using Maxon One tools for nearly every project they have worked on, including the promotional video itself. Their experience with Maxon inspired Perception to hide several Easter eggs throughout the showcase video that connect to the history of Maxon’s creators. This video marks a thirteen-year continuous collaboration between Perception and Maxon.

“The Maxon team helped us shape and mold this video, but they provided our creative team with complete respect and freedom to develop the concept,” concluded Daly. “We are the users of these products and they recognize the value that brings to the process. This showcase video was an amazing continuation of our partnership with Maxon.”


About Perception:

Perception is a team of design visionaries brought together to architect the future of technology for cinema, and the worlds most innovative companies. The two founders, Danny Gonzalez and Jeremy Lasky, started the company in 2001 to pioneer a new era of motion graphics, becoming one of the first studios to blaze the trail of high-end visual effects all created on the desktop. In the last 21 years, Perception has evolved to break new ground in cinema and cutting-edge user experience design. The Perception team divides their days teleporting between the parallel dimensions of fantasy and reality. Whether working on the next superhero blockbuster or an intelligent and delightful experience for industries of the future, storytelling is at the very foundation of everything they do.