Doug Appleton

Doug Appleton is Perception’s resident VFX wizard. Formally taught in the world of motion graphics, Doug’s first job out of college was at Perception. He has been with the studio ever since.

Doug has grown with the team from their early days and has continued to flourish up the hierarchy as he learns and masters the intricacies of the film and technology worlds. His skill in successfully executing a diverse array of projects in the world of motion is matched only by his curiosity of the technology itself.

Doug’s projects have ranged from detailed UX interface projects for high profile security clients, to lead animator on title sequences for Avengers: Age of Ultron. As a director he often works with his team and clients to problem solve as a unit, encouraging collaboration and confidence.

In addition to VFX guru, Doug is also Perception’s resident Marvel database. A huge fan of the series and of exploring the unknown, Doug likes to collect memorabilia from all major projects, with the love and support of his wife and two feline friends. He is also known as “The Encyclopedia”.