Here at Perception, we have always had a love for the automotive industry. There is something about the ever evolving and growing world of cars that peaks our interest. Whether these vehicles are constructed for futuristic car chase scenes in films, racing on a Formula 1 track, or debuting to hit the public road, we’re always interested.

For several years, our team has worked with the team at General Motors. This collaboration hit a milestone when they approached us to work with them on a revolutionary vehicle – the GMC HUMMER EV. This vehicle was going to be a breakthrough in the automotive industry with its advanced features while debuting an elevated driving experience for its users.


GMC’s newest undertaking was an entrance into the world of electric vehicles. Our collaboration focused on the development of the user interface designs and experience within the vehicle, along with content creation and branding of features. Using our experience in film and technology design, we helped GMC develop a collection of cinematic screens, animations, interfaces, and widgets to enhance the luxurious feel of the GMC HUMMER EV.

Our teams collaborated on this vehicle for 18 months to make it perfect. On April 5th, 2021, it was time for the product features and details of the GMC HUMMER EV to be shown to the world in an all new reveal launch video, and we were honored to be part of that too.

John LePore, Chief Creative Director at Perception, flew out to Detroit to represent Perception in GM’s launch video. This reveal included a plethora of marketing materials for the vehicle, as well as clips of the GMC HUMMER EV in action and interviews with the designers, engineers, and parties involved in the creation of the car.


Since our team played such a hands-on role in the design of the user experience of the GMC HUMMER EV along with the team at GMC, John was invited out to Detroit to explain what we contributed to the vehicle for the launch video.

“When we work on a project, whether it be a film or the HUMMER EV, we obsess over even the smallest detail. We like to think every pixel needs a purpose, all to ensure the experience is genuine, authentic, and personal.” – John LePore


As part of the launch, the team at GM discussed the inspiration behind the design themes of the user experience in the GMC HUMMER EV – General Motor’s participation in the Lunar Rover for the Apollo 15 mission. This concept of lunar aesthetics and space sparked the development of our designs.

With this inspiration in mind, John proceeded to explain our many contributions to the vehicle – everything from our custom typeface to our multiple widgets to the detailed transitions and animations that can be seen on the instrument cluster and center stack of the GMC HUMMER EV. These descriptions are accompanied by some exclusive shots from within the vehicle as well.


Being part of this epic launch was not only an honor for our team at Perception, but an excellent way to celebrate the collaboration between our team and General Motors, showing off the cinematic and dynamic designs that we developed together for this vehicle. Each piece of our design had the driver in mind – what they would need, what they would want to see, and what could make their driving experience in an already exciting vehicle even more grand.

Our designs for the GMC HUMMER EV blend together our love for cinematic productions, technology, and automobiles in a way that has never been seen before. These innovative interfaces will truly provide the user with an immersive driving experience unlike any ever seen before.

Watch John LePore in the GMC HUMMER EV reveal video here!

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