Auto Shanghai is one of the premiere international auto shows, drawing millions of visitors on a biennial basis. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was looking to make a splash with a new Jeep exhibition that would energize enthusiasts, intrigue the uninitiated, and affirm Jeep’s mandate to enrich the everyday lives of its vehicle owners, both now and reaching toward the future.

Our team at Perception was engaged to conceptualize, design and animate the experience of the Jeep of the near future. This multi-screen installation would include an all-new interior buck with three interactive displays demonstrating next-generation HMI (Human Machine Interface) features, as well as a 20ft panoramic screen displaying real world context. We also created and implemented groundbreaking augmented reality displays, elevating the driving experience to new heights of innovation.

Jeep HMI & AR Design Montage



In visualizing the experience of driving a Jeep in the near future, it was important to stay true to the rugged pragmatism of the Jeep brand, while accentuating the sense of “utilitarian luxury” that resonated with the desired audiences.

We presented three design directions, each with its own cohesive visual vocabulary.


This direction expressed mission-based strategy: pragmatism meets adrenaline. Information was packaged in practical units, as strategic support to master one’s daily adventures. Typography was clear and accessible for the luxurious explorer. Topographic maps were presented as compact, delineated pieces that directed the driver’s focus to specific tasks.


Inspired in part by the the surface of the buck interior itself, this direction embraced a natural wooden relief aesthetic with just the right amount of futuristic interface elements. Relief surfaces were leveraged to create topography and texture, with lines highlighting relevant information. Three main characteristics to strive for were function, elegant, and high-end.


This direction embodied cinematic luxury with an edge. Information was displayed smartly and elegantly. Textures induced a tactile “Jeep-ness” to the mix. Tessellation was employed as a system to create all elements (topography, maps, diagrams, shapes).

Tessellation was the direction of choice, with specific elements integrated from the other two.



The Jeep of the present and future is more than just a vehicle, it is a high-tech companion that assists its driver throughout the day, whether on a daily commute, a business trip, or an off-road adventure. The installation - and by extension its simulated future driving experience - needed to fulfill this promise through advanced technology and operations

Our team conceptualized and designed an immersive HMI that would span and seamlessly integrate elements across 3 interior buck screens and the main HUD (Head-Up-Display). This HMI would leverage bleeding-edge technology to provide seamless and unparalleled assistance to the Jeep driver of tomorrow.

Jeep Instrument Cluster

Visualized features for the in-car displays included fully simulated versions of the following:

  • Facial recognition and user profiles/settings, transferrable across vehicles in the Jeep network
  • 3D navigation, route visualization, and driving assistance, based on actual real-world buildings and geography
  • Multi-angle vehicle diagnostics
  • Voice-activated suggestive engine with real-time data visualization (e.g. restaurants corresponding to the collective preferences of driver & passenger)
  • Social features and on-the-fly geo-tagging/messaging between members of the Jeep community
  • State-of-the-Art music player with a 3D waveform tracker

Jeep Center Stack



A key component of the envisioned HMI was the augmented reality HUD - the windshield to the Jeep of tomorrow. We worked with the FCA team to conceive, design and animate AR elements that would help a Jeep driver navigate through various urban and off-road scenarios.

The HUD interface would scale and adjust according to different driving contexts (e.g. vehicle modes, driving conditions, driver objectives, commuting, off-roading), to give the driver the most relevant information at the appropriate times.

Our team created AR to encompass a range of functions, from tactical maneuvering to fun social features:

  • Situational awareness/reactivity: environmental adaptation, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and prediction, parking assistance
  • Jeep community & lifestyle: sharing and viewing of individual Jeep drivers’ achievements, recommendations and media

Our AR designs for the Jeep were inspired by similar AR work we completed for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We conceptualized an AR windshield for Nick Fury’s car, alerting him to hazards and traffic updates. This intuitive display influenced many of the features and layout concepts presented to Jeep, making Science Fiction a reality.




We developed an extensive suite of icons and interface elements for the HMI to deliver a visually cohesive, user-friendly framework for the driver on the go.




The Auto Shanghai installation was a smash hit among attendees, with its various urban and off-road scenarios playing out across 4+ animated screens and a physical buck. Lucky VIP guests were given the opportunity to sit within the buck itself and witness the futuristic animations and interface at close range.



After the Auto Shanghai show, FCA began to tour the Jeep exhibit with CES, giving attendees the experience of driving and interacting with this innovative vehicle.

Attendees could experience the AR windshield in action, along with the advanced facial recognition, 3D navigation elements, vehicle diagnostics and social features. The immersive exhibit spanned the entire weekend and garnered significant praise.



This collaboration was a tremendous success for FCA and Perception. The resulting rise in interest for Jeep among the Chinese population was staggering, leading to Baidu (China’s Google) media index of the Jeep Brand increasing 91% within 7 days with a total impression of 6 billion+, 49 million+ total clicks, and 1500+ media clippings & blogs were generated! We are honored to have brought Jeep's futuristic vision to life through these advanced HMI and AR displays.